California Enduro Series 2015 schedule announced

Additional venues, multi-day races, more categories and equal pro series overall payout

CES 2014 series winner Lauren Gregg takes a moment to prepare for her next timed downhill stage at the Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro. ASJ knows how to spot a champ; mid-season, we featured Lauren on our Aug/Sep cover (Bogdan Marian).

The California Enduro Series (CES) recently announced the 2015 race schedule and promises another great year of Enduro racing. In its third year, CES proves its commitment to growing this popular cycling sport by expanding its schedule to include additional fun and challenging venues, offering more race categories, and maintaining equal pro payout to both men and women for series overall top placement.

Additional events, multi-day races
For 2015, the series is expanding to seven rounds, welcoming back popular venues from last year and adding two new events: the Wild Wood Adventure Enduro on the Mendocino coast and the Ashland Mountain Challenge. Additionally, 2015 will introduce the first multi-day Enduros—with both Wild Wood and Northstar leading the way with back-to-back exciting days of racing.

CES Director Steve Gemelos says, “We’re looking forward to bringing back venues from last year that hosted great races and really showcased the diverse mountain biking zones in California.” Gemelos adds, “We’re thrilled with the addition of the Ashland and Mendocino venues, with Ashland offering some of the best mountain biking on the west coast, and Mendocino opening up a whole new riding region for many participants. Throw in our very first multi-day races, and this is going to be one heck of a year.”


Big mountain venues like China Peak’s VP EnduroFest offer all-mountain riding enthusiasts ideal conditions in which to challenge themselves (Called To Creation).

With the expansion to seven events, the 2015 series points will be based on the top five results of the seven races. Gemelos explains, “Sometimes things don’t work out at a race; a flat tire, a mechanical, or just an off day can ruin your series. We want to keep things fun and competitive. This season, a bad race won’t end your series. You get seven opportunities to post your five best results. This will make it much more competitive for the series overall standings, and more competition makes it more fun.”

Crashes happen. But an off day on the bike won’t necessarily ruin your series in 2015 (Bogdan Marian).


2015 Event Schedule

May 9: Battle Born Enduro on Peavine Mountain in the Reno/Tahoe area, to benefit The Poedunks
June 13-14: Wild Wood Adventure Enduro on the Mendocino coast in Caspar, presented by Mendocino Bike Sprite  **2-day race format**
June 27-28: VP EnduroFest at China Peak Mountain Resort in Lakeshore, presented by VP Components
July 11-12: Ashland Mountain Challenge at Lithia Park in Ashland, presented by Ashland Mountain Adventures
Aug 29-30: Northstar Enduro at Northstar California Resort in Truckee **2-day race format**
Sept 24-27: Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro at Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes

Jake Dore is all focus as he rails a turn on the Santa Cruz Super Enduro course. Jake's commitment and skills put him on the series pro men podium in 3rd place (Bogdan Marian).

Steven Lewis charges a technical section on the Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro course. Steven is looking forward to another season of racing CES and explains, “When the California Enduro Series announced the first race of their 2014 season, I was elated to find out it was in my backyard. What I did not expect was the close family feel the entire group of CES staff and racers gave me. After the Battle Born Enduro, I decided to sign up for the entire series—I was hooked!” Indeed he was. Lewis went on to race all five events, taking 2nd place in series for Expert Men 19-35, and he is planning to race Pro in 2015 (Called To Creation).

Equal pro purse for series overall
CES continues to prove its commitment to supporting female riders by again offering equal pro purses for both women and men for the series top finishers.

CES 2014 Pro Women 2nd place winner Brianne Spiersch, enthuses, “Leading the way with equal Pro payout in 2014 demonstrated the series’ character and I’m thrilled to hear they will continue to do so. As a female racer, I believe this provides incentive for more girls to race the whole series and also encourages the wide-scope growth of more women wanting to improve and move up through the ranks. This overall enthusiasm and excitement transcends more than racing. For example, the excellent coverage of these events showcasing great photos of talented female athletes also gets more women stoked to get out and shred. The more people riding bikes, the better for everyone!”

Amy Morrison pinned on the 2014 Northstar Livewire Classic Enduro course.

Additional categories
In addition to an expanded schedule, CES is also increasing the selection of race categories. Additional age groups have been included in the Men’s Sport and Expert classes, and the Junior Boys category has been split into Sport and Expert classes.Additional categories

Junior racer Liam Ruff—who took 4th place overall in 2014—says, “I’m excited to hear the folks at CES listened to us junior racers and added an Junior Expert category for the upcoming season. I have no doubt the CES lineup will feature some of the most fun and competitive Enduro races in 2015.”

Liam Ruff is stylin’ on the Battle Born Enduro course, and went on to take 4th overall in the Junior Boys category (Called To Creation).

The Spirit of Enduro
The California Enduro Series (CES) is a for riders, by riders non-profit organization (501c3 pending) dedicated to promoting world-class Enduro events that everyone from amateur to pro can enjoy, at a geographically diverse range of venues. The series is quickly becoming renowned for fostering an exceptional sense of community. Casey Coffman—2014 series Pro fourth place finisher—says, “I’m excited to get the CES traveling circus back together. All the racers became such a good group of close friends by the end of the season. I’m excited to see the series grow!”

Riders have ample opportunity to catch up with one another on the untimed transfer stages. This is one of the reasons the Enduro format is so well known for its camaraderie among competitors (Called To Creation).


Series sponsors
CES 2015 is grateful for the continued support of founding sponsor VP Components. VP Brand Director and CES founding officer Erik Saunders is pleased with how quickly the series has grown, and how well its objectives are being met. “My vision was to create a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse landscape of related events for riders of all abilities to enjoy, and a pathway for aspiring athletes to progress.” Saunders adds, “It’s great to see how CES and each independent event have been enthusiastically supported by riders, the bike industry, land managers, and the general public.”

CES is currently seeking sponsors for the 2015 series. Sponsoring the series is an excellent way for a business to inspire loyalty, increase sales, and generate interest at local, national and international levels, while supporting the Enduro community and mountain biking at large. Contact us for our 2015 sponsorship kit.

Giant Team Bike & Bean’s Ryan Gibson gets low on his VP VX Trail Race pedals at the Battle Born Enduro. Ryan reports that the whole team is pumped to their 2014 Team Championship title."We’re looking forward to challenging ourselves, having fun and building community!” (Called To Creation).


The full scoop
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The now infamous VP EnduroFest “Stage 4” at the nearby swimming hole. Here’s to 2015—bombs away! (Called to Creation)

Smiles for miles at the 2014 season kick off, the Battle Born Enduro.

Smiles for miles at the 2014 season kick off, the Battle Born Enduro.


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