SR SUNTOUR Special Offer to CES Racers

California Enduro Series sponsor SR SUNTOUR entends a special offer to CES Racers – 25% off MSRP on any fork.

SR SUNTOUR comes at things a bit differently than the rest.     Refined simplicity,  that is our guiding philosophy from the start of anything we do with a long term approach of getting there.   We believe that performance suspension can be simple,  it should be durable, reliable, easy to tune and fully serviceable without special tools.    We know you have options, we believe in what we do and that our product will handle what you throw at it.

SR SUNTOUR rider Casey Coffman says “I’ve been riding 2 different bikes at the CES races this year. For the smoother events, like Reno, Mendocino, and Ashland I’ve been riding a 140mm bike with an Auron RC2 set at 150mm. It’s super smooth and keeps my bike light enough to be efficient with the ability to handle the big hits. For the more technical races like China Peak, Northstar, and Mammoth I’ve been riding a new fork we’re currently developing set at 170mm on my 160mm bike. It’s a bit heavier, but it’s stiff, and unbelievable smooth and supple which offers great traction in the steeps.”