Round 1: May 6 – Mammoth Bar Enduro



We are excited to add this new venue to the 2017 California Enduro Series.

The Mammoth Bar Enduro will take place on Saturday, May 6, 2017, at the Auburn State Recreation Area in Auburn, CA.  Presented by The Hub Roseville and Total Body Fitness.


The Racebook has all the event details you’ll need for the event weekend including location, weekend schedule, registration details, course description, available accommodations, and other information.


Course Map

Stage Start Times – We’ll be starting riders at each stage by category.  The indicated times are the start times at the start of each stage, it is your responsibility to be at each race stage at the time indicated.  At the bottom of the table you will find the estimated transfer time for each stage to help you plan your transfers.  We also allocated 20 minutes between stages, beyond the transfer times, to allow you to manage repairs, hydrate and get some food.  So you will have plenty of time to make the transfers between stages and enjoy the day and the race.

Also note at the bottom of the table the time each stage will close.



Wait List

We are not doing a wait list this year.  In the past couple years we have had a wait list it has not worked well.

  • folks looking to transfer mostly happens 2-3 weeks before the race – when they realize for one reason or another that they won’t be able to make it to the race
  • folks signing up for a wait list 5 months out from the event will likely make other plans
  • most connections for transfers end up happening on social media (folks posting on our Facebook page) or on forums (there is a CA Enduro forum on Pinkbike)

Rather than wasting our time and yours with a wait list 5 months out, we suggest

  1. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and on the Pinkbike forum for opportunities
  2. Contact us if you’re still looking for a spot 2-3 weeks out from race weekend, it will be easier for us to connect folks closer to race weekend.



Contact us via email if you want to transfer your registration to another rider.

Please include the Name, Email, and RiderID of both parties.

April 30 is the last day for transfers.

NOTE: The financial part of the transfer is between the two parties to complete using whatever means you find acceptable – cash, check, PayPal.  Our role is only to transfer the registration on the reg list.