Finale: October 7 – Ashland Mountain Challenge

Ashland Mountain Challenge •  October 7 • Lithia Park in Ashland

The Ashland Mountain Challenge, presented by Ashland Mountain Adventures, will host the Finale for the 2017 California Enduro Series.

Read about our big Trail Work event with Ashland Mountain Adventures and the crew from Santa Cruz Factory Racing — so awesome to give back to the trails we love.

The Racebook has all the event details you’ll need for the event weekend including location, weekend schedule, registration details, course description, available accommodations, and other information.




October 2 at 12pm is the last day for transfers.

Step 1 – The financial part of the transfer is between the two parties to complete using whatever means you find acceptable – cash, check, PayPal.  Our role is only to transfer the registration on the reg list.

Step 2 – The seller initiates the transfer

1 – Seller – Login to the site.
2 – Go to the Race Registration page – and click on the “Manage” link in the row of the race you want to transfer.
3 – On the Registration Manage page, click on Transfer
4 – Enter the RiderID of the buyer, verify the buyers details, and submit.

Step 3 – The buyer completes the transfer.

1 – Buyer – Login to the site
2 – Go to the Race Registration page – you should see a “Pending Transfer” in the row of the race that was transferred
3 – Click on the Pending Transfer link and complete the registration.  Once registered, this will complete the transfer.