All In with WTB

Producing quality components for nearly 35 years

By Patrick D. Rosso

2 - Saddle

Come on, you know you want one. Custom California Enduro Series WTB saddles.

If you’ve ridden a mountain bike in the last 30 years, chances are your mean machine had some quality WTB parts on it. Providing tires, saddles, rims, and more, WTB of Mill Valley, California has been manufacturing some serious components since 1982.

Honing in on those big three accessories, along with grips and a few other parts, WTB has competitors scrambling to catch up and riders noticing WTB’s bike focus. This isn’t some power sport company that sees your baby as a little extra change on the side; WTB is all in.

“We’re a small, privately owned company,” explained Jason Moeschler, the manager of global OEM sales for WTB. “We really focus on our small category in the bike market. We want to either make something that exists better or try to develop something that is needed and not there.”

Working closely with riders, friends, and staff, WTB ensures tires are tested, rims remain strong, and new products, like the PadLoc grips, are developed and ready for market. “What it comes down to for us is our small circle of test riders. If they’re not interested, we don’t make it,” he added.

Riders are stoked. From the novice taking on the course at the Toro Enduro to an expert hitting the brown pow at Northstar, WTB products are everywhere. Supported athletes, including enduro ripper Marco Osborne, highlighted how the company innovates, and builds on the success of its workers and riders.

Marco Osborne torn it up at the 2015 California Enduro series and took the overall title for Pro Men.

Marco Osborne torn it up at the 2015 California Enduro series and took the overall title for Pro Men.

“WTB provides so many products for any kind of riding you are going to do. WTB has always been consistent with its products and concentrates on quality,” said Osborne, who can be found on the Enduro World Series circuit. “The people behind WTB have always been very passionate about supporting the younger riders out there and building up the next generation.”

Community is a big focus for the company. Reaching out to racers in need of a little help or sponsoring events like the California Enduro Series, WTB is committed to continually pushing the limits of its products and supporting the scene that purchases them. Racers appreciate the support and the company’s embrace of enduro.

“I think enduro is where WTB really shines. WTB’s Mark Weir is, after all, the American enduro mountain bike legend,” said Amy Morrison, a WTB rider and racer in the California Enduro Series. “WTB’s products really reflect its dedication. It has multiple tire treads for any kind of dirt you’re going to race in and they’re named after riders that use them every day.”

With a couple of races coming up in the California Enduro Series, including the always epic Ashland Mountain Challenge, riders who will be racing had a few suggestions for their competitors.

Amy Morrison, a WTB rider, kept it low and in control at the Toro Enduro back in May.

Amy Morrison, a WTB rider, kept it low and in control at the Toro Enduro back in May.

“My setup changes slightly depending on the venue. Sometimes I’ll run the light casing tires for races like Toro and Ashland, but most of the time I run the tough/fast rolling compound.” commented Morrison. “My typical setup is Vigilante in the front and Trail Boss 2.25 in the rear. For Mammoth I might throw on a Breakout in the rear and if it’s really muddy, the Warden in the front.”

Although Osborne will not be racing in Ashland, he had a couple of tips of his own. “My favorite WTB product would be the Warden tire. Wet, muddy, slippery roots, loose or hard packed, you can always find a way to use this tire to its full potential. I also love the new Commander Pad lock grips—super comfortable and secure,” he said.

Saddles, rims, grips, and definitely its tires, WTB has a lot to offer, no matter if you’re shredding the local criterium or slamming down the slopes of Northstar during the series.

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