Race Training with Derek Teel – 7 Effective Movements

Race Training with Derek Teel – 7 Effective Movements


Build your workouts with the 7 Effective Movements:

  • Hip Dominant: Squat, Deadlift
  • Knee Dominant: Lunge, Step Up
  • Core: Plank, Sit Up, Cable Chop
  • Horizontal Push: Push Up, Bench Press
  • Horizontal Pull: Cable Row, Single Arm Bench Row
  • Vertical Push:  Shoulder Press, Handstand
  • Vertical Pull: Pull Up, Lat Pull Down

Setting up your workout:

  • Bi-Lateral Movements before Uni-Lateral Movements!
  • Start with your most energy demanding workout.  For the strength phase that will be your heaviest.

Your total workout should include:

  • Foam Roll (unless you do this separately)
  • Warm Up 5-7min
  • Active Stretching (hold 2-5 seconds)
  • Activation (ex. band work for shoulders/hips)
  • Strength Workout
  • Static Stretch (hold >30sec)


  • 2 Separate workouts per week.
  • Cover all movements over the 2 workouts. You don’t have to do them all in each workout.
  • Start with 3 sets of 12 Reps.  This rep scheme will help build muscle without putting too much strain on your joints.  The last 3 reps should be tough so adjust weight accordingly!
  • If your feeling burnt out on your rides consistently, back off the reps.  You can still build muscle, but the decreased volume may help you feel less drained.
  • If you feel like you can bring up the intensity, add weight to each movement or an extra set.

Big Picture:

Your doing this for added control, stability, and speed while riding.  The added muscle will also help with injury prevention as long as you are stretching/rolling regularly.  I highly recommend a yoga session each week.  Even a 30 minute video at home could be enough to keep your shoulder mobile for its next impact.

Contact Derek Teel with any further questions.  Online programming is available by Dialed Health (Derek Teel) and includes strength workouts, nutrition guidance, and weekly calls.

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