Ashland Trail Work Weekend

CES is happy to give back to the trails we race.

February 18 we are hosting a trail work day with the folks at Ashland Mountain Adventures – organizers of the popular Ashland Mountain Challenge.

Huge thanks to Santa Cruz Bicycles for sponsoring this community event!

  • We’ll have accommodations from Friday Feb 17 through Sunday Feb 19 at Ashland Commons Hostel near downtown Ashland.
  • Saturday Feb 18, we’ll be meeting at the Ashland Mountain Adventures at 9:30am for breakfast (coffee, sweet rolls, bagels and cream cheese) and quick intro from Bill Roussel (our trail work leader), targeting to head out around 10:15am.  We’re planning for 4 hours of trail work – and shoot to be back at the shop around 4pm for Beer, Wine, and Food.
  • There’s potential to ride Friday and Sunday depending on weather and trail conditions — check with the Ashland Mountain Adventures folks.
  • If you want to give back to the trails you’ve been racing in Ashland sign up here.   We can only take 20 folks with us.