Enduro Skills and Course Previews with Brian Astell

CES is teaming up with pro rider Brian Astell to offer skills coaching and course previews. Brian will lead group pre-rides of each course and help racers out with line selection and riding technique, and will also advise on training, nutrition and fitness.

Learn more about Brian and his coaching business TrailWorks in his following note!


My name is Brian Astell. I’m a professional mountain bike racer and off road triathlete. I compete professionally in many different disciplines including Xterra, cyclocross, endurance racing (100 mile mnt bike races), cross country, short track, enduro and even the occasional obstacle course.

I’m a huge believer in keeping whatever discipline you compete in fun. I’ve been fortunate enough to competed at the local, national and world level. Having over 17 years of race experience, I started out cross country running in high school and accepted a college scholarship to UNC Charlotte in North Carolina just before starting out my career as a professional cyclist. I’m a NESTA certified coach as well as a NESTA certified fitness nutrition coach.

I specializing in coaching mountain bikers to ride virtually anything by pairing efficient fitness training with riding technique. Whether your into trail riding, racing cyclocross, xc, enduro and even trail run racing I have many years of experience and knowledge to help hone your passion.

As a young athlete, like many, I made tons of training mistakes. I was a trial and error / trial and injury type guy. Which leads to lots of time lost. Year after year I felt I had tons of potential that I wasn’t living up to. I let lots of life’s decisions get in the way of what it was that I really wanted to accomplish. In essence I was getting in my own way. That’s tough to see on your own and even tougher to admit sometimes.

What I decided to do was pull in the reins a little and really start listening, really start learning. I decided to get certified as a coach for myself and along the way I realized that sharing what I had learned over so many years is just as much of a passion as the sports I competed in myself. Working as the assistant coach and then coach of the Point Arena High School Tri Team and working with the NorCal MTB league along with helping countless others with their riding progression was the inspiration to start Trailworks. Now sharing the love of health, fitness, nutrition and the outdoors is what drives me everyday when I get out of bed.

TrailWorks has over 20 years of riding, training, health knowledge and experience to get you riding, training and recovering your very best, the most efficient way possible. Conquering challenging terrain takes more than just skill and more than just fitness. It’s a precise combination of both and TrailWorks can teach you how.

TrailWorks is excited to be at all the California Enduro Series races for the 2017 season. We’ll be there to lead group pre-rides of each course and help racers out with line selection and riding technique. While out during our rides please free to ask any of your training, nutrition, fitness or riding skills questions. That is what TrailWorks is there for. If you don’t make it to a pre-ride feel free to stop by the team van to ask your questions or just to say hi.

Yes, I said team van. TrailWorks/Marin Bikes will also have a two man team out there to race and we are really looking forward to riding and hanging with you all out there. Thanks so much for welcoming us into your family!

– Brian Astell, TrailWorks founder