Amp Up Performance and Recovery with Cranked Naturals

By Michele Charboneau


“Let’s feel good together, one nutritious smoothie at a time!” The Cranked Naturals motto reflects the Sacramento-based vegan sports nutrition company’s trademark positivity and dedication to delivering the very best to its consumers. Co-founder Damian Gonzalez, who races on the Michael David Winery (MDW) elite team, says, “Plants are amazing! We at Cranked Naturals believe plant-based nutrition offers great benefits to all levels of athletes.”

Cranked Naturals offers a variety of hydration, pre-workout and recovery mixes. Great tasting, effective, and all-natural, the plant-based products target specific needs for athletes, including formulas for energy, endurance and productivity; performance and hydration; performance, hydration and focus; pure hydration for daily activities; recover, rebuild and maintain.

The company’s origins stem from Gonzalez’s MDW teammate – and UC Davis physiology major – Dustin Denton providing the MDW team with home-made hydration products over the course of several years. After experiencing remarkable results as a pro triathlete, Gonzalez suggested that Denton start a business with him. A full line of nutrition products were created, and Cranked Naturals was born.

The nutrition company went on to partner with MDW in sponsoring its team of amateur and pro multi-sport athletes. MDW cycling athletes participate in a range of events from road racing to enduro.

Gonzalez himself transitioned from triathlons to mountain bike racing, and discovered a passion for enduro when he participated in the California Enduro Series. “Last year, we had positive feedback from CES riders after Cranked Naturals kept them well hydrated in the warm temps at the Northstar and Mammoth events. It was only natural that we should come on board to sponsor the series and keep CES riders hydrated all season long.

CES sponsorship director Megan Gemelos says, “We are excited to have Cranked on board this year as our hydration sponsor along with Michael David Winery donating bottles of wine for our podium winners. Riders love Cranked and MDW!”

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Cranked Naturals pro rider Marco Osborne stoked at this year's Sea Otter Classic.

Cranked Naturals pro rider Marco Osborne at this year’s Sea Otter Classic.

This delicious plant-based smoothie !!

This delicious plant-based smoothie !!