CES is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote mountain bike enduro racing and riding by establishing and marketing a race series. The race series consists of a confederation of independent events created by local and autonomous groups and clubs – with CES providing the support needed to create amazing enduro events. Through CES and individual events, we create a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse landscape of related events for riders of all abilities to enjoy with an emphasis placed on participation.

CES provides a pathway for aspiring athletes to progress from local entry-level events to the world’s top level professional events. CES also provides the opportunity for any and every rider to improve his or her skills and confidence in riding by offering a race series with progressive courses.

CES recognizes that the driving force for any series is the locally organized event. CES exists to develop partnerships with local events that will inform the direction and necessary support that CES should provide to ensure that each event can deliver an excellent experience for the riders.