Competition Requirements


All participants are required to register with the California Enduro Series to obtain a RiderID that will be used to track the individual and team points throughout the series.   

Participant must provide their RiderID during registration for each of the races in the series – and will not be allowed to register without a RiderID.

California Enduro Series indivdual and team registration is available though the Rider/Team Login link under the Athlete tab on the CES website.  Through this login you’ll be able to track your results and standing, create and manage a CES Team (for team competition), and track team results.


Rider Meeting

The race director will host a rider briefing prior the race commencing. Changes to the rules, course, timetable etc and details of course marking, feed stations and assistance locations will be communicated at this briefing. Non-attendance of the Rider Briefing will not be accepted as an excuse for any rule violation by any rider.


Pre-Race Training

At the discretion of the Race Organizer, the course will be made available for on-bike training before timed competition begins. Details of the course are to be published ahead of each event on each Race Organizer’s website. The timing of the course announcement is provided in the section on Course Requirements.  While the Race Organizer will make known any restrictions to pre-race training, competitors are responsible knowing any restrictions placed on pre-race training.



The use of seeding for races will be at the discretion of the Race Organizer. In the event that seeding is used, competitors will be seeded for the race in accordance with the Race Organizer’s own system. This can include a prologue stage, series ranking, or other means.



The results will be calculated by adding all timed stage times together for each rider. In the event of unforeseen or extreme circumstances, the Race Organizer can decide to withdraw a timed stage(s) from consideration.

In the case where timed stages have had to be cancelled, an event must have a minimum of two complete timed stages in order for the result to be deemed valid for the California Enduro Series ranking. If there is a cancellation of a stage, it is within the discretion of the Race Organizer to cancel the entire event. However, if there are two or fewer completed stages and the entire event is not cancelled, the Race Organizer may still publish results. In the event of a tie, the highest placed rider in the final stage will be awarded the higher final placing.


Protest Period

Riders have 15 minutes following the posting of results at the race headquarters to file a protest with the Race Organizer before the results become official. All decisions of the Race Organizer are final.


Equipment Requirements


This mandate includes all transfer and timed stages. There are no exceptions to this rule. Any competitor observed or reported to be competing without a helmet must be automatically disqualified.


Safety Equipment

All riders must wear a helmet at all times during the competition.  Riders are permitted to remove their helmets at the top of each transfer stage only when they have dismounted their bicycle. Their helmet must be correctly fitted before mounting their bicycle for the timed section. The correct fitting, condition and suitability of the rider’s helmet is the sole responsibility of the rider.

Any protection rules put in place by the local Race Organizer must be followed by all competitors. A rider’s failure to adhere to a protection rule will result in disqualification. No exceptions will be given.


Other Rider Equipment

Each rider must be self-sufficient during the entire duration of the race. Personal responsibility and self-sufficiency are a large part of the spirit of enduro racing and riders should carry adequate equipment for racing and riding in mountainous environments. Each rider should remember that they are solely responsible for themselves.

It is strongly recommended that all competitors carry:

  • Suitable backpack
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Emergency blanket
  • Spare tubes/ puncture repair kit
  • Multi tool
  • Basic, well maintained first aid kit
  • Map
  • Food and fluids
  • Eye protection (glasses or goggles)
  • Emergency contact information

The use of electronic recording equipment or other devices is permitted. This permission may be revoked at the sole discretion of the Race Organizer. In any case, any electronic device used must not impair safe operation of a bicycle or pose a safety risk to a competitor’s self, other competitors, spectators, or any race officials.


Bicycle Requirements

Only one frame, one front and rear suspension unit (fork/rear shock) and one pair of wheels can be used by a competitor during a race. Frame, suspension and wheels may be individually marked by the Race Organizer to ensure compliance with this rule.

Any rider needing to replace a wheel, frame or forks during the competition must present the broken item at the race office, where the Race Organizer or designated representative will assess the damage. Only upon approval of the Race Organizer may a rider replace a frame, suspension part or wheel. Following the repair the rider must return to the Race Organizer to have the replacement part(s) re-marked before rejoining the race.

A 2 minute penalty will be applied to every rider who replaces the equipment listed above. Any rider found to have replaced a named/marked part without consent from the Race Organizer member will be disqualified.