Series Competition

Individual Competition

The 2016 California Enduro Series will consist of seven events. Each race in the California Enduro Series will be worth 50 points with a points schedule as shown below.  The points awarded to each racer is based on their overall placement in their category at each race.  The overall standing in the California Enduro Series is based on the total points accumulated, based on the individual’s top 6 results of the 8 races.  In the event of a tie, the results at the season finals will be the tie breaker.

Points cannot be transferred between categories.

An individual may only compete for series overall in a single category – if you race multiple categories during the season, the category selected in the RiderID profile will be used as the series competition category.

Team Competition

The California Enduro Series will feature a special category and standings for teams based on the points scoring format used in Collegiate Cycling.  This format will emphasize both high performance and broad participation across multiple categories.

  • A team shall be comprised of 5 or more riders across one or more categories.
  • A team must include at least 1 female rider racing any women’s category.
  • Each team receives points based on their top three rider results across all categories at each race.
  • If a team has more than three riders at a race, the 4th rider and beyond do not score points for the team at that race.
  • A team will not receive points for a round if less than 3 riders participate.
  • For the calculation of overall series points, each team will add their scores from all rounds of the series (no drop races for team competition)


Points Structure

1st – 50 pts
2nd – 44 pts
3rd – 40 pts
4th – 36 pts
5th – 33 pts
6th – 30 pts
7th – 28 pts
8th – 26 pts
9th – 24 pts
10th – 22 pts
11th – 20 pts
12th – 19 pts
13th – 18 pts
14th – 17 pts
15th – 16 pts
16th – 15 pts
17th – 14 pts
18th – 13 pts
19th – 12 pts
20th – 11 pts
21st – 10 pts
22nd – 9 pts
23rd – 8 pts
24th – 7 pts
25th – 6 pts
26th – 5 pts
27th – 4 pts
28th – 3 pts
29th – 2 pts
30th – 1 pts
31st and beyond – 0 pts