Rules Violations

Course Cutting

Taking short cuts on course in order to gain an advantage can both damage the environment and brings the sport and spirit of enduro mountain biking racing into disrepute. Therefore, any rider trying to save time by choosing a line that lies outside of the defined trail will be disqualified.

The race organiser may choose, in exceptional circumstances, to apply a time penalty, not a DSQ to a rider found to have cut the course without intention. However, any rider leaving the obvious line must be aware that they risk a DSQ.


Liaison Stage Delay/Missed Start

However, where otherwise applied, an individual’s time on a timed stage will start in accordance with the specified start time on the published start list even if the rider is not present. Riders arriving late to the start must follow the starter’s orders and join the course when instructed to do so. Failure to follow starter’s orders will result in a suitable time penalty. Any riders arriving at the start of a timed stage later than 30 minutes after their specified start time will be disqualified from the race.


Illegal Outside Assistance

Racers are encouraged to help fellow competitors on course.

Any competitor receiving outside assistance from a non-racer without prior agreement from the Race Organizer will be disqualified. This includes using team staff/outside help to carry equipment around the course or perform repairs during the race.


Rules Violation Recording

The Race Organizer is responsible for the application of the rules and has the final say.

The Race Organizer can appoint special ‘Flying Marshals’ to travel around the course at their own discretion to undisclosed points. These ‘Flying Marshals’ can report rule violations to the organiser.

Any rule violations must be registered with the Race Organizer within 30 minutes of the last competitor finishing the final stage.


Recommended Penalties

Violation Penalty
Missed Start Up to 5 minutes late = 1 minute penalty
5+ minutes late = 5 minute penalty
30+ minutes late = DSQ
Other Start Violation
(example: pushing into queue,
delaying start,
jumping start etc)
5 seconds
Not obeying course marking/course cutting Disqualification
Unintentional course cutting 30 seconds
Illegal Outside Assistance + Shuttling Disqualification
Environmental Disrespect From 1 minute to disqualification
Training outside official times Disqualification
Altering the course Disqualification
Food / Kit stashing 5 minutes