Enduro Format

The enduro is a format for mountain biking competition based on the discipline commonly referred to as all-mountain riding. The main goal of the Enduro is to create a universal racing format, accessible by every mountain biker without the need to purchase any special equipment other than the bike he/she uses every weekend, which at the same time is challenging enough for professionals.  The Enduro awards the most well-rounded riders who posses the skills to ride fast in the Special Stages and to cover the Transfer Stages efficiently and within the imposed time limits.

Each of the individual races in the California Enduro Series will  includes 4 or more timed downhill “special stages” linked together by un-timed “transfer/climbing stages”.   The timed special stages will be primarily downhill and test the riders technical, physical, and mental abilities.  While un-timed, the transfer stages will have a time window in which the racers must make it to the start of the next stage – exceeding that time window will result in a time penalty or disqualification depending upon how late you are. In the end, results will be calculated by combining your downhill special stage finish times and time penalties into one overall finish time.

Consistency is key, but stage wins are sweet!

The Overall Winners of the California Enduro Series will be based on a points system and will be awarded in both individual and team categories.