Environmental Rules

Enduro mountain bike racing allows us to ride into remote, backcountry areas of natural beauty. It is of the upmost importance that all racers respect their environment and consider the impact they leave behind for the local riding community. The below rules have been put in place to protect our trails and our riding environments.

  • No disposable goggle tear offs are allowed to be used
  • The disposal of food packaging on the trail is strictly prohibited.
  • The California Enduro Series and its local organisers reserve the right to penalise any rider whose actions are deemed to seriously damage the local environment.
  • Riders must not store food and drinks on the trail (Food Stashes). Packaging left behind and uncontrolled food supplies may have a serious impact on local wildlife and the local environment. Any rider found to be hiding or retrieving foods from unofficial feed stations will be penalised.
  • Riders must not store or drop clothing or equipment on the trail (Kit Stashes). All riders must remain self-sufficient and carry off the mountain what they carry onto it.